Dark circles

Dark circles

When the area under the eye become dark, it means 'DARK CIRCLES'.Due to the reasons like over sleeping,fatigue and stress.It can cause dark circles.This can make a person look older.This occur not only because of tiredness, lack of sleep etc.there are other reasons like allergies or natural ageing process.

Natural remedies for dark circles

(1)Tomato treatment

Tomatoes naturally help us to get rid from this problem.It can make the skin soft.With tomatoes we have to use lemon juice.

  1. Mix one table spoon of tomato juice and lemon juice and mix well.
  2. Then apply it under the eyes and keep for 10 minutes.
    Repeat this twice a day

(2)Almond oil treatment

Almond oil is rich in vitamin E and this can make the skin supple.

  1. Apply almond oil under your eyes,dark circles and massage gently.
  2. Leave it for the whole night and wash it next morning.

(3)Orange juice treatment

  1. Mix orange juice with few amount of glycerin and then apply.
    This will give an additional glow to your skin.

(4)Cucumber treatment

Keeping cucumber slices on the eyes is not the correct method.There is a way to do it right.

  1. Put slices of cucumber 30 minutes in the refrigerator.
  2. Then place them on dark circles and keep for 10 minutes.

(5)Coconut oil treatment

  1. Apply some virgin coconut oil under your eyes.
  2. Keep it till morning and wash with warm water.
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Pimples occur when sebaceous gland or oil glands become clogged and infected,leading to swollowen,red lesions filled with pus.Mostly pimple can be seen in the period of puberty.pimples can be seen in both sex at any age.

How to prevent from pimples

  • Clean your face twice a day with warm water and also use a suitable soap or face wash.
  • It's good to keep hair spray and gel away from the face.
  • Oil free skin care products are most suitable.
  • Limit makeup.
  • Prevent from touching your face.

Natural treatments for pimples

(1)Lemon treatment

  • Take fresh lemon juice.
  • Then get a piece of cotton and soak in the juice.
  • Apply this in your pimples.

(2)Garlic treatment

  • Take half garlic clove.
  • Then apply it on damaged places
  • Wash it after 5 minutes.

For more effects you can repeat this several times a day.

(3)Ice treatment

  • Apply ice cubes directly to the affected areas.
  • Also you can use a ice bag to do it.

(4)Honey treatment

  • Plunge a cotton swab in honey and apply on pimples.
  • Keep it for 30 minutes.
  • After that clean it with warm water.
    • Do this twice a week for more results.

(5)Neem treatment

  • Take neem leaves(kohomba) and make a paste.
  • Then apply it directly on affected areas.
  • Keep this for 10 minutes and wash with pure water.
  • Tryout this twice a week for good results
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