Actually what is reflected internally in your skin is your skin colour.This may differ from each other.When you remove the dead skin layers the skin becomes brighter.Also a skin without dark circles,pigmentations,dark spots etc.. can be identify as a fair skin.


Now a days whitening has become a major problem among young generation.Because of this reason they persuate to do many treatments that harm their skin.Result of those tretments is not a fair skin but a ‘pale colour skin’.It’s not a feature of a healthy skin and it’s not the real whitening.
So we should have knowledge to identify this difference.Paleness is an unusual lightness of skin colour.We can go through natural remidies to get the real beauty-fair skin, very easily.

Treatments for a fair skin

(1)Lemon juice treatment

  1. Take fresh lemon juice
  2. Apply to the affected ares
  3. Keep it for 10 minutes
  4. Then wash with cool water
  5. Repeat this treatment daily….

(2)Turmeric treatment(Kaha)

  1. Take some amount of tumeric powder
  2. Then lime juice or lemon juice more than the amount of tumeric powder
  3. Mix well and make a paste.
  4. Apply it on your skin and keep for 15 minutes
  5. Then wash it with pure water
    Repeat this treatment 2-3 times a week.

(3)Ice treatment

  1. Take pure water and add some lime juice to it
  2. Then freeze it and make ice cubes
  3. Apply ice cubes on your skin
    This can make your skin whitening and also help to be free from pimples.Repeat this treatment daily….

(4)Tomato tretment for fair skin

  1. Get tomato juice from fresh tomatoes
  2. Then you can add some lime juice to it
  3. Mix it well and apply
  4. You should keep this for 20 minutes.
  5. Finally wash with cool water
    • Repeat this daily before a bath.

(5)Papaya treatment for fair skin

  1. Take a papaya and peel
  2. Blender slices of papaya and make a paste
  3. Apply it on your skin and keep for 20 minutes
  4. Then wash it from warm water
    Repeat this treatment twice a week for best results..

Hope to share many more treatments with you about whitening soon…….

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