Lemon is a very common fruit,can be seen in many home gardens.This is
very much useful in the sides of medicine,ciikery and also in beauty
culture.these plants are native to south asia , north eastern india etc….
lemon consists with many more nutrients


calories ( amount per 100 grm ) -29

daily value

  • potassium 138 mg 3%
  • carbohydrate 3%
  • vitamin c 88%
  • vitamin B-6 5%
  • magnesium 2%
  • iron 3%


  • Reduce wrinkles and pimples
  • Teeth whitner
  • Skin whitner
  • Elbow and knee lightner


  • Control your weight
  • Detoxifying agent
  • Reduce muscle pains
  • Improve digestion
  • Reduce cancer risks
  • Help to prevent kidney stones



  • take some juice in to a bowl
  • apply them on your face using a cotten bud
  • leave it for 15 min
  • then wash it with pure water


  • take some juice and rub in your elbows
  • keep it for 3 hours
  • then you can wash it using warm water
  • (repeat this daily for best results)


  • mix half tbs of baking soda with half of lime juice
  • using a tooth brush apply the paste on your teeth
  • let it for a minute and wash it off


  • take half of lemon juice and honey
  • mix it with warm/ hot water
  • then you can drink it

when you using ‘lemon’ in your treatments it can arrise some douts
with it.so let’s look at some problems and solutions to them

1.Does lemon actually lighten the skin ?

Yes,this has the power to lighten your skin naturally.you can see the
change in your skin soon.but we can’t recommend them as a permanent
skin brighter.

2.Are there side effects of lemon ?

Actually there are some side effects.skin iritation is one
problem .sometimes drinking juice can cause heart burn because of
its citric acid.also when you apply lime juice on your skin,you should be
prevent from going outside as it can get darken your skin soon. so be aware
to wash it before going outside.

3.Is it good to apply lemon juice overnight ?

There’s no matter applying them overnight.but after appling them
keep it for 1-2 min and wash with warm water.

4.Does lemon can breakdown fat ?

Simply it can breakdown your fat.you can drink the juice with
warm water daily.just try it for 2 weeks.then you can see a change in your
body shape.

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