Neem is a very important plant in the fields of medicine and beauty
important facts about neem.Neem leaves and its bark is mostly used in
many treatments . neem is a most significant herbal in the ayurvedic medical
field.these plants are native to countries like India,Nepal,Pakisthan,Sri
Lanka etc…

Nutrients in neem leaves

1.carbohydrates -22.9 %
2.protein -7.1 %
5.vitamin c
6.glutamic acid
8.aspartic acid

Health benefits of neem leaves

1.used in eye disorders
2.used in stomach problems
3.used in skin diseses
4.used in fever
5.reduce liver problems
6.used for leprosy
7.wound healer
8.reduce intestinal worms

Beauty benifits of neem leaves

1.lightens the skin
2.prevent dryness of the skin
3.reduce pimples
4.reduce hair loss
5.delays ageing of skin
6.treats dandruff

When you using neem leaves,it may occour some let’s look at some doutful place and solutions for them

(1) Is it good for eyes ?

Yes,it is good for eyes.Water of its leaves can use as a eye wash.this will

help to reduce and some kind of iritations in your eyes.

(2)Is it harmful to eat its leaves ?

No,there’s no any can removes toxins from your
may also help to reduce headaches and grow hair when chewing

(3) Does it make your skin dry ?

No,It can prevent your skin from don’t be afraid to

apply them on your skin.It has moisturising properties.

(4) Are there side effects of them ?

Yes,there can be seen some side be aware of that when you using them

-loss of consciousness

Beauty treatments using neem leaves .…..

1.Lighten skin

-make a paste using leaves by adding few amount of water
-apply it on your face
-let it dry and after that you can wash it with cold water

Reduce pigmetation and black heads

-take some neem leaves and boil it in a 1/2 litre of water
-keep the leves boil until water becomes green
-then you can wipe this water in your face using a cotten ball

Lice treatment

  • boil some leaves
  • then blend it and make a paste
  • apply this on your hair
  • keep it for 2 hours
  • then you can wash your hair

Moisturise glowing skin

  • make a paste with margosa leaves
  • add tumeris to the paste
  • apply it on your skin
  • after few minutes you can wash the paste

Hair issues

  • boil some fresh margosa leaves
  • rinse your hair with this water after shampoo your hair
  • repeat this daily when you wash the hair
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