Aloe vera is a thick,short steamed plant.North Africa is famous for them.This plant is used in the fields of medicine and beauty culture.

Nutrients in aloe vera

  • Vitamin A
  • C vitamin
  • Vitamin E
  • Folic acid

Health benefits of aloe vera

  • Reduce constipation
  • Lower blood sugar levels
  • Healing burns
  • Antioxident
  • Reduce minor cuts
  • Repare dead skin cells

Beauty benifits of aloe vera

  • -Reduce dandruff
  • -Good moisturizer
  • -Great conditioner
  • -Make your hair smooth and shiny
  • -Reduce pimples
  • Reduce sun burns
  • -Lighten the skin burns
  • -Prevent dryness

Let’s look at some prolems related with aloe vera when using ……

(1)Can it prevent you from cancers?

Clearly  there’s no evidence to prove it.People have ideas that it is good for prevent from cancers.But it’s just an idea.We can confirm that.

(2)Is it good to drink its juice?

Yes,it leads to a healthy life.This help you to prevent from poor digestion and also it can reduce constipation.This can improve your skin moisture too.If you are suffering from gasrites this is a must to drink.

(3)Is it good to eat them?

         Yes,like I mentioned above you can take same benifts  by eating them.Be aware to eat the fleshy part inside the leaf.It is not harmful if you swallow the flesh part freshly with out cooking.

(3)Is it good to apply on skin

        Directly I moisture to the skin.But it has a little amount of bleaching quality.So  I can assure that power can make your skin bright.Also it can remove pimples.So you can gain a healthy,clear skin with it.can’t sure about that.

(5)What are the side effects of them?

     There are some side effects.Let’s see them.

  •  Stomach pains
  •  Diarrhea
  •  Muscle weakness
  • Heart disturbances (when using  high doses for a long            period,this condition can occour)


1. For hair loss

  • At first mix aloe vera juice and some coconut oil in same amounts      apply them in your hair
  • (You can repeat this daily as long as you take best results)

2.Weight loss

  • At first dice aloe vera in to small pices and get the fleshy part inside it
  • Then blend the pieces     
  • Finally ss that liquid is bitter you can add sugar,fruit juice or any sweet liquid 

3.For pimples


  • At first add lemon juice to aloe vera
  • Then mix both well
  • After that apply it on your face and keep for 15 min.
  • Then wash with pure water
  • (You can keep this mixture for a week)

4.Face pack

  • At first take aloe flesh,honey and cinnamon
  • Then mix them together
  • After that apply the paste and keep for 5-10 min
  • Finally you can wash your face with pure water

5.For dry skin

  •       At first take aloe vera,pices of cucumber and some lemon juice
  •       Then blend allof them
  •       Then apply the paste on your skin
  •       After that keep it for 20 min
  •       Finally wash your skin with pure water
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