Lemon is a very common fruit,can be seen in many home gardens.This
is very much useful in the sides of medicine,ciikery and also in beauty
culture.these plants are native to south asia , north eastern india
etc….Lemon consists with nutrients like
potassium,carbohydrate,vitamin c,vitamin B-6 ,magnesium,iron etc.

Treatments with Lemon

Lemon treatment

Take some juice in to a bowl.

Apply them on your face using a cotten bud.

Leave it for 15 min.

Then wash it with pure water.

Lemon with youghurt and honey.

Lemon with youghurt and honey

Take on tablespoon from lemon, youghurt and honey.

Mix all well

Then apply it on your face.

Keep it for 20 minutes on your face.

Then wash with pure water.


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